The Linux Download Player

The Download Player is currently providing foreground and background music and digital signage in more than 55,000 locations around the world; in 157 countries. Whether you have a retail or leisure venue that you want to create an atmosphere in, be it a retail store, hotel, bar, restaurants, car showroom we can create a bespoke solution for you.

The Linux Download Player provides a single zone of background music and comes pre-loaded on custom built hardware. When it arrives, just plug it in and you are away! Your music will start playing within a minute and your bespoke playlists and music is updated automatically via the internet.


Download Player Help

If you are wanting to explore, get help with or learn more about your Download Player take a look at our online guides, which explain all you need to know about your player.


If you can't find the answers to what you are looking for, please call or email us using our support details or contact us online.