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The Download Player is a cross-platform background music application capable of providing fully licensed original artist music for business. Multi-zone audio, video, or digital signage either fully managed or self-serve via our dashboard website.

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We supply background music, digital signage and av solutions through our player to the biggest companies in the world, all around the world.


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Available on all major operating systems.

Download Player is available on all major operating systems, with hardware shipped for each.


Multi-zone audio and/or video available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 & 2012.

DLP On Windows


Single zone audio available on Android from the Google Play Store.

DLP On Android


Single zone audio player for iOS iPhone, iPod or iPad.



Single zone audio on Linux.

DLP On Linux


LG System On Chip Digital Signage Application.


Content driven messaging

We allow clients to ship content at scale, fast and securely.


Our music is hand picked, screened, volume-leveled and tested, then curated into bespoke playlists by professional music programmers to reflect your brand values.

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Digital Signage

Digital menu boards, audio video commercials, bespoke signs with dynamic content loaded from your database or web service fully managed by us.

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Retail radio services such as product advertising and announcements are recorded by professional voice over artists, approved by you and scheduled by us to meet your marketing campaign.

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Create your own bespoke music television channel with your brand logo overlaid, with or without audio/video commercials and other visual advertising.

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Download Player

The Download Player is cloud based background music software capable of providing fully licenced original artist music for business. Multi-zone audio, video or a blend of both including digital signage to engage your customers.

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The Download Player Dashboard is a secure website where you can manage your licence keys, download the software and see what's playing in real-time.

You can even change the playlist remotely from another PC, smart phone or tablet, so you're always in control.

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Discover Music

Allow your customers to discover the music in your venue, interact, search and make music requests in real-time from the pre-approved profile on their own mobile or tablet.

Fully integrated into social media sites Twitter and Facebook, allowing your customers to post feedback and share their selections, driving traffic back to your site.

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Download Player WebOS

We have a bespoke LG WebOS Application built in modern technology with a focus on Digital Signage. Download Player LG System On Chip allows you to elevate brand awareness, engage customers, or disseminate vital information, Download Player empowers you to create, manage, and display dynamic content.

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