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The Download Player is cloud based background music software capable of providing fully licenced original artist music for business. Multi-zone audio, video or a blend of both including digital signage to engage your customers.

The Download Player can be installed on your own PC, smart phone or tablet, and your unique music profile will be downloaded, played and updated automatically as per your brand requirements.

  • Multi-zone audio and/or video in any combination.
  • Real-time compressor limiter to eliminate volume fluctuations in large spaces.
  • Automatic crossfade to match tempo eliminating gaps of silence.
  • Timetabled music automatically changes throughout the day to reflect trading hours.
  • Override timetabled music with events or custom playlists.
  • Scheduled advertising, centrally controlled and accountable reports of playback.
  • Customise your music collection by disabling tracks or adding them to favourites for quick access later.
  • Allow your customers to discover the music in your venue, interact, search and make music requests in real-time from the pre-approved profile on their own smart phone or tablet.

The Download Player is a monthly subscription service. For more details and pricing please contact



Download Player for Windows

Multi-zone audio and/or video available on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008 & 2012.

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Find out about the Download Player (for Windows)
Download Player for Android

Single zone audio available on Android from the Google Play Store.

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Find out about the Download Player (for Android) Download The Android Download Player
Download Player for Apple iOS

Single zone audio player for iOS iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Now in the App Store!

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Find out about the Download Player (for iOS) Download The iOS Download Player
Download Player for Linux

Single zone audio on Linux.

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Download Player for Linux


Audio, video or a blend of both.


Our music is hand picked, screened, volume-leveled and tested, then curated into bespoke playlists by professional music programmers to reflect your brand values.

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Retail radio services such as product advertising and announcements are recorded by professional voice over artists, approved by you and scheduled by us to meet your marketing campaign.

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Create your own bespoke music television channel with your brand logo overlaid, with or without audio/video commercials and other visual advertising.

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Digital Signage

Digital menu boards, audio video commercials, bespoke signs with dynamic content loaded from your database or web service fully managed by us.

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Download Player Dashboard

The Download Player Dashboard is a secure website where you can manage your licence keys, download the software and see what's playing in real-time.

You can even change the playlist remotely from another PC, smart phone or tablet, so you're always in control.

Dashboard Login   Quick Start Guide


Allow your customers to discover the music in your venue, interact, search and make music requests in real-time from the pre-approved profile on their own mobile or tablet.

Collect user details and music requests to further offer, promote or inform your customers of future events.

Fully integrated into social media sites Twitter and Facebook, allowing your customers to post feedback and share their selections, driving traffic back to your site.

Links to iTunes allow customers to buy their favourite tracks from your bespoke collection.

  • White label branding available with your colour palette and logo
  • Multilingual; English, Spanish, German, Chinese
  • High availability, fast response times
  • Cross platform compatibility for all internet ready devices
  • Simple registration process capturing customer email and details for future contact
  • Find interactive music systems based on location (GPS)
  • View music playing now, next and past
  • Browse and select tracks to play
  • Rate music, capturing you customer's preferences
  • Fully integrated into social media sites Facebook and Twitter driving traffic to your site
  • Search for tracks by genre, era and tempo
  • Artwork for artists and album covers
  • User dashboard showing user history

Discover is a product that works alongside the Download Player and as such requires a further monthly subscription.

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