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Discover Music is our latest exciting innovation. It is a new way for your customers to interact and engage with the music playing in your venue directly from their smart phone or tablet. Utilising GPS/location services, Discover Music allows your customers to control the order of tracks played out in your venue - from your pre-approved playlist - with the option to share their choices via social media.

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Available on all major platforms.

Whatever device your customers use, Discover will work for them. It is available as an app on Android and iOS and cross-platform on the web.


Available on Android v4.2 or later.

Get it from Google Play.


Available on iOS v10.3 or later.

Get it from the App Store.

Features & Benefits

If you want your app to be created using your own personal branding, this can be arranged. We can add your logo, colours and brand material to the app and email templates sent out to customise it for your customers.

Music Currently Playing

View the details of the music track that is currently playing in each zone of your property.

Music Playing Next

Details of the next music tracks scheduled to be played are displayed.

Discover Music - Now Playing

Track Selection

Tracks can be chosen from your pre-approved playlist. Once selected Discover will tell the user the estimated playtime that they will hear their track.

Selection Reporting

Each and every selection will be recorded by us and can be reported back to you.

Discover Music - Search Tracks

Customer Track Rating

A rating of between 1-5 stars can be applied to tracks, capturing your customers preferences.

Track Rating Report

The track rating (and selection) information is fed back to us, so we can use it to tailor your music profile to the tastes of your customers. This information can also be fed back to you.

Discover Music - Customer Rating


Customers can also preview tracks on their device, before making their selection.

Social Interaction

Using the inbuilt social features, your customers are encouraged to share their activities, tagging your brand, promoting brand-awareness and online presence.

Discover Music - Customer Interaction

White labeling & Branding

If you want your app to be created using your own personal branding, this can be arranged. We can add your logo, colours and brand material to the app and email templates sent out to customise it for your customers.

Discover Music - Customer Interaction


Discover is currently available in the following languages and we have plans to add more in the not too distant future, so wherever your customers are from they can feel right at home using Discover:

  • Great Britain Flag
  • USA Flag
  • Spain Flag
  • France Flag
  • Germany Flag
  • China Flag

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Discover Music.

Discover works alongside our Download Player; a background music player capable of running on Android, iOS, Windows or Linux devices. Once you have the player installed and connected to the internet, we can simply switch Discover Music on for you and it will allow everything to work for you and your customers as soon as you download the app or access the website. Please contact us for further details and we would be happy to discuss Discover Music with you in more detail.

We have two versions of the Discover Music app. Both contain the same functionality, but one is for Android devices and the other is for iOS/Apple devices. Please read the install guide for your chosen device below:

We also have a cross-platform website that allows your customers to access discover across all devices without downloading the app. We will supply you with the web address (url) you'll require at the time of setting up Discover Music for you.

Discover Music will work immediately after being downloaded, however if you encounter any issues, you can troubleshoot at:

Discover Music will consume approximately 1GB of bandwidth per month, at very low bit rates.

The Discover Music apps and websites communicate with your Download Player through our API, using HTTPS 256bit encryption for all player/app-to-server communication.

The system uses a clustered cloud server approach to give scalability and reliability. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

Yes! Whilst we will provide you with a website and Android and iOS apps, which can be branded and will work just by browsing to/downloading from the app store, you can also use our API to integrate some or all of the Discover Music features into your own app. The API uses RESTful web services and passes data back and forth in JSON format.

Yes. The Download Player and Discover Music software is all developed in-house making it very flexible. The in-house development team can extend the API further to accommodate new features or bespoke ideas. Please contact us if you have a requirement that is not covered.

No. Your customers can only select from your brand-approved tracks within the current playlist, so if for example you are having a jazz hour, your customers would not be able to select a rock track to play, as this would not be the pre-approved jazz playlist. The player also has artist and track collision built in - that you can set to your desired level on the player - which prevents your customers from requesting the same tracks (or tracks by the same artist) too frequently.

We're available with support 24/7

Our support team is available 24/7 for any questions.

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