How To: Install Discover on an Android Device

The Discover Music Android app can be downloaded from Google Play.


Step 1: Enable GPS/Location Services

Discover Music requires that your device's location services are enabled as it uses your geo-location to communicate with music playing in your current location.

After installing, each subsequent time you use Discover Music, you will also need to turn on your location services.

Step 2: Download from Google Play

Select the link below and install the Discover Music app to your device.


Step 3: Launch the Discover Music App

Select the Discover Music app from your devices' home screen or from the Apps menu on the device to launch Discover Music.

The Discover Music app icon looks like this:


Step 4: Discover the Music!

Once launched, the app will automatically:

  • determine your current location - using GPS/location services,
  • find the music player(s) that are currently in action in your location and give you the option to access it/them,