How To Install Your iOS Download Player

Once you have sourced a compatible iOS device you are ready to install your Download Player.

Recommended Device Settings

Before installing your player, we recommend reviewing the following settings (within the Settings app), to get the most out of your player:

  • General
    • Software Update -nstall any pending iOS updates. We recommend you do this first, as when you install software updates from Apple, they often reset some device settings.
    • Background App Refresh - Set all Disabled.
  • Airplane Mode - Turn Off.
  • WiFi - Connect to your Wifi network.
  • Bluetooth - Turn Off.
  • Notifications - Turn Off all Notifications (for all apps in turn).
  • Do Not Disturb - Set Silence to Always.
  • Siri - Set Disabled.
  • Display & Brightness
    • Auto-Lock - Set to Never.
  • Sounds
    • Ringer and Alerts - Set volume to minimum/mute.
    • Keyboard Clicks - Set Disabled.
    • Lock Sound - Set Disabled.
Download Player - iOS Settings Page.

Install from the AppStore

Select the link below and install the Download Player app to your device.

Download Player App Store Download Link

Launch the Download Player App

Select the Download Player app from your device's home screen or from the Apps menu on the device to launch the Download Player.

Download Player - Home iOS Launch App
Download Player - Authentication Screen

Authenticate your licence

Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Input the following:

  • Username - Enter your email address.
  • Password - Enter your 10 digit install code.

Press OK.

Note: your password/install code will have been provided to you by your music supplier, alternatively, you can log into your Dashboard to retrieve this code.

Enjoy the music!

The player will automatically:

  • Download and playback your bespoke music profile; on a WiFi connection it will start to play within 30-60 seconds.
  • Switch between playlists generating new ones for each day and changing the music in line with your music brief.
  • Check for and download new music updates periodically; in line with your music contract.
Download Player - Playlist Page

We're available with support 24/7

Our support team is available 24/7 for any questions.

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