How To: Install your iOS Download Player

iOS Download Player

Once you have sourced a compatible iOS device you are ready to install your Download Player.

The Download Player is an app, available to install on Apple's AppStore.


Step 1: Recommended device settings

Before installing your player, we recommend reviewing the following settings (within the Settings app), to get the most out of your player:

  • General
    • Software Update - Install any pending iOS updates.
      We recommend you do this first, as when you install software updates from Apple, they often reset some device settings.
    • Background App Refresh - Set all Disabled.
  • Airplane Mode - Turn Off.
  • Wifi - Connect to your Wifi network.
  • Bluetooth - Turn Off.
  • Notifications - Turn Off all Notifications (for all apps in turn).
  • Do Not Disturb - Set Silence to Always.
  • Siri - Set Disabled.
  • Display & Brightness
    • Auto-Lock - Set to Never.
  • Sounds
    • Ringer and Alerts - Set volume to minimum/mute.
    • Keyboard Clicks - Set Disabled.
    • Lock Sound - Set Disabled.

Step 2: Install from the AppStore

Select the link below and install the Download Player app to your device.


Step 3: Launch the Download Player App

Select the Download Player app from your device's home screen or from the Apps menu on the device to launch the Download Player.


Step 4: Authenticate your licence

Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Input the following:

  • Username - Enter your email address.
  • Password - Enter your 10 digit install code.

Press OK.

Note: your password/install code will have been provided to you by your music supplier, alternatively, you can log into your Dashboard to retrieve this code.


Step 5: Enjoy the music!

The player will automatically:

  • download and playback your bespoke music profile; on a WiFi connection it will start to play within 30-60 seconds,
  • switch between playlists generating new ones for each day and changing the music in line with your music brief,
  • check for and download new music updates periodically; in line with your music contract.

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