How To: Install your Android Download Player

Once you have sourced your device you will need to install your Download Player.

The Android Download Player is a an app which can be downloaded from the relevant app store for your device.

Step 1: Download from Google Play

Select the link below and install the Download Player app to your device.


Step 2: Launch the Download Player App

Select the Download Player app from your devices' home screen or from the Apps menu on the device to launch the Download Player.


Step 3: Select Install Location

The player will attempt to select the location on the device which has the most storage space available and install the app's data to that location.

If you would like to change the location that the app's data is to be installed to, this can be selected on this screen.

Once happy with your location selection, press OK.


Step 4: Enter your install code

Make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Enter your 10 digit install code that has been provided to you by your music supplier or log into your Dashboard to retrieve this code.

Press OK.


Step 5: Enjoy the music!

The player will automatically:

  • download and playback your bespoke music profile; on a WiFi connection it will start to play within 30-60 seconds,
  • switch between playlists generating new ones for each day and changing the music in line with your music brief,
  • check for and download new music updates periodically; in line with your music contract.

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