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Whether you are just looking for a guide detailing how to use your Android Download Player or you have an issue that you need resolving, you can find the answers here.


How To Guides.

Want to know how to interact with your player? We've created a bunch of short guides and videos to help you.

Install DLP

Installing Download Player is fast and simple, read our guide on how to.

Read our DLP Install guide.

Install Discover

Installing Discover is fast and simple, read our guide on how to.

Read our Discover Install guide.

Features & Benefits

Read about our main features on Download Player Android.

Read our overview guides.


Having problems with your Android Download Player? Most of the issues reported to us can be easily detected and resolved on location by you. If your Android Download Player fails to start correctly, please check the following:

  1. Is your device (phone, tablet or set top box) connected to the internet?
  2. Can you successfully browse to and do you have access to all sub domains of and
  3. Is the date, time and timezone on the device correct?
  4. Has the player's device/hardware been changed (i.e. a player reinstall performed)? If so, you will need to contact us to "reset your licence key".
  5. Is your player on the latest software version; open Google Play, click Menu -> My Apps. Alternatively, login to your Dashboard to see the player version(s) you have installed.
  6. If your player has downloaded content to an SDcard, ensure that the card is inserted correctly and recognised by Android.

Still not resolved your problems after troubleshooting? Check out our FAQs or report your problem to our technical team and we will be in touch to get you back up and playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your Android Download Player.

You should download your Android Download Player from the Google Play store. Full details can be found on the Android Download Player Installation Guide.

Once you have installed your player and entered your install code the music will begin to play within 30-60 seconds, assuming that you have a good WiFi connection (other networks may vary). The player will continue to download and play until all of the content has completed.

We're available with support 24/7

Our support team is available 24/7 for any questions.

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Los Angeles

+1 888 305 3430 (24/7 Helpline)

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Americas Download Player Contact


+1 888 305 3430 (24/7 Helpline)

6303 Blue Lagoon Dr
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United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1246 572 997 (24/7 Helpline)

Dunston Technology Park
Venture Way
S41 8NE, UK.
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+1 888 305 3430 (24/7 Helpline)

DWC Headquarters
Dubai South
PO Box 712815
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Hong Kong

+44 (0) 1246 572 997 (24/7 Helpline)

10th Floor
Cheung Hing Industrial Building
12P Smithfield Road
Kennedy Town
Hong Kong
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+44 (0) 1246 572 997 (24/7 Helpline)

7th Floor
No.150 Zunyi Road
Changning District
Shanghai, 200051

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