How To: Install your Linux Download Player

Linux Download Player

Your Linux Download Player will be sent out to you, fully loaded and ready to go. All you have to do is plug it in and your bespoke, manged music service will start playing.


Step 1: Unpack your player

Once you receive your player, unpack the contents of the box, which will contain:

  • 1 x Player
  • 1 x Mains power to mini USB cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm mini jack to dual phono audio cable
  • 1 x Network cable


Step 2: Connect your audio system

On the front of the player:

Connect the 3.5mm mini jack end of the supplied audio cable into the player's audio port, then connect the dual phono end of the cable to your amplifier/audio equipment.


Step 3: Plug in the cables

On the back of the player:

Connect one end of the network cable to your network router/switch and the other end into the RJ-45 LAN (Network) port on the back of the player.

Connect the mains power cable into the Power port on the back of the player, then plug the other end into the mains and switch it on.


Step 5: Enjoy the music & Interact

The player will load within 60 seconds and will:

  • start playing your bespoke music profile,
  • switch between playlists generating new ones for each day and changing the music in line with your music brief,
  • check for and download new music updates periodically; in line with your music contract.

If you wanted to confirm that your player is online or interact with it, you can do this on the Download Player Dashboard, where you can also select on-demand playlists and see what's playing.

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