How To: Install your Windows Download Player

If you have an internet connection and can successfully browse to the website then these are the installation instructions for you!

Please note that by installing the Download Player you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of use.


Installation Pre-requisites

User Access

We strongly recommend that you log on to your computer and run the Download Player using a user account that has administrator permissions for the computer.

You may install and run the Download Player with a non-administrator user, providing the user has sufficient permissions to read and write to the players install location directory, but this is not recommended.

Begin Installation

Step 1: Download the installation package

If you have not yet downloaded the player installation package, click the button below to download it.

By installing the Download Player you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of use.

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Step 2: Run the installation package

Once the installation package has finished downloading, run it and follow the installation instructions.

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1. Welcome Screen

How To Install The Download Player for Windows - Step 1

Figure 1.0

When the installation package loads, the Welcome screen will be displayed (see figure 1.0), welcoming you to the Download Player Setup procedure.

Select Next > to continue.

2. Terms & Conditions

How To Install The Download Player for Windows - Step 2

Figure 1.1

The next screen displayed will be the Terms & Conditions screen (see figure 1.1).

Please read the Terms & Conditions and providing you agree to them, select I accept the terms of the License Agreement.

Select Next > to continue.

3. Choose Install Location

How To Install The Download Player for Windows - Step 3

Figure 1.2

The Choose Install Location screen appears next. Here you can select the location on your computer that you would like the Download Player to be installed to (see figure 1.2). By default this is in the C drive of your computer, but you may install the player wherever best suits you.

Please ensure that the drive you select has at least 5 GB of free space for you music downloads to be stored on.

If you have a multi-zone player, please ensure you have 5 GB of space per music zone (i.e. if your player has 3 zones, at least 15 GB of free space will be required).

Select the desired location to install your Download Player to and press Next > to continue.

4. Start Menu Shortcuts

How To Install The Download Player for Windows - Step 4

Figure 1.3

During installation, a shortcut to launch the Download Player will be added to the start menu.

This screen (see figure 1.3) allows you to select the folder in which you would like this shortcut to be added to.

By default a new folder named DownloadPlayer will be added and the shortcut will be placed inside this.

Select the desired folder to add your shortcut to and press Install to continue.

5. Installation

How To Install The Download Player for Windows - Step 5

Figure 1.3

The Download Player and all required components will now be installed.

Please note that it may take a considerable amount of time to install the Download Player and all of the required components, depending on your system setup.

Once completed, your Download Player will ask for you to enter your licence key on the Licence Key Authorisation screen (see Next Step).

When the installation package has finished installing, the player will launch automatically.


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Step 3: Enter your licence key

When the Download Player launches, you will be shown the registration screen.

Download Player - Licence Key Authorisation Screen

Input your Install Code into the box provided.

Once you have done this, press the OK button.

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Step 4: Enjoy!

Your Download Player will now launch, activate, begin downloading all of your bespoke playlists and media and start playing.

Download Player - Playlist Screen


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