Background Music

The in-store environment is key to providing a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for every single customer; everything from the decor, to the friendly staff, to the audio soundtrack needs to enhance the customer experience.

We control and blend the key music elements of style, era, tempo and texture, turning music in to a primary tool for the creation of a cohesive customer experience, reflecting the unique personality of the brand.

The starting point to building this audio soundtrack is always with the client. We work closely with the relevant stakeholders at this early stage to consolidate our understanding of the customer and keep close to the client needs. Together we formulate a brief based on customer profile, expectations and aspirations.

This collection will be enhanced each month with the addition of new music tracks, keeping the collection vibrant and refreshed and in line with the music profile. Our ever-expanding music library crosses all genres to cover all needs. We have music consultants around the globe who update our library with local content, to ensure our playlists always meet our clients' expectations.

Ultimately we work with clients to create the perfect playlist for their business, enable control and keep it playing when they need it most.

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