Download Player Troubleshooting

Having problems with your Windows Download Player?

Around 95% of the issues reported to us can be easily detected and resolved on location by you.

If your Windows Download Player fails to start correctly, please check the following:

  1. Can you successfully browse to and all sub domains of
  2. Is the date and time on the computer correct?
  3. Can you confirm that the PC hardware has not changed and that you only have one active network connection?
  4. Is the user account that Download Player is running under an 'administrator' or does the user has full administrative rights?
  5. Is Windows firewall switched off (or is the firewall switched on but has an exception for the Download Player)?
  6. If a proxy server is being used on the network, have the correct details been entered in the proxy settings on the Download Player?
  7. If a hardware firewall is being used on the network, has this been configured to allow the Download Player internet access?
  8. Does the Download Patcher (the initial screen with green writing on) fail to launch Download Player? If so, check that the DownloadPlayer.exe file in the install path, has the same permissions as DownloadPatch.exe and that compatibility mode and run as administrator are disabled. How do I do this?

Still not resolved your problems after troubleshooting? Check out our FAQs or report your problem to our technical team and we will be in touch to get you back up and playing.