Android Download Player Troubleshooting

Having problems with your Android Download Player?

Most of the issues reported to us can be easily detected and resolved on location by you.

If your Android Download Player fails to start correctly, please check the following:

  1. Is your device (phone, tablet or set top box) connected to the internet?
  2. Can you successfully browse to and do you have access to all sub domains of and
  3. Is the date, time and timezone on the device correct?
  4. Has the player's device/hardware been changed (i.e. a player reinstall performed)?
    If so, you will need to contact us to "reset your licence key".
  5. Is your player on the latest software version; open Google Play, click Menu -> My Apps.
    Alternatively, login to your Dashboard to see the player version(s) you have installed.
  6. If your player has downloaded content to an SDcard, ensure that the card is inserted correctly and recognised by Android.

Still not resolved your problems after troubleshooting? Check out our FAQs or report your problem to our technical team and we will be in touch to get you back up and playing.