Discover Music - Android Troubleshooting

Having problems using Discover Music on your Android device?

Most issues can easily be resolved by checking the following:

  1. Is your device (phone or tablet) connected to the internet?

    Try disconnecting and re-connecting to Wi-Fi, in case your Wi-Fi connection has become stale. Then open a browser and perform a search to confirm you have internet access.

  2. Are you running the very latest version of the Discover Music app?

    Check Google Play and install any updates (if available).

  3. Is your devices' GPS/Location Services enabled?
    Within the Settings app, navigate to:
    • Settings
      • Privacy and safety
        • Location and ensure it is switched On
        • Locating method and set to GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks
  4. Are your devices' GPS/Location Services working?

    The easiest way to confirm this is to open the Google Maps app and check that, when you select the crosshair, it zooms in and accurately locates you at your location. Then close the Google Maps app and re-open the Discover Music app. Does this now work?

  5. Have you allowed the Discover Music app access to your device location?

    On first launch, the app will ask to be Allowed access to the device. Please check: Settings > Privacy and safety > App Permissions > Location > Discover Music and ensure it is switched On.

  6. Is your device up-to-date with its latest software update installed?

    Install any pending software updates for your device from:
    Settings > About device > Download updates manually.

  7. Is Flight mode disabled?

    Ensure that flight mode has been turned off at: Settings > Flight mode.

Still not resolved your problems after troubleshooting? Report your problem to our technical team and we will be in touch to get you up and working.