How To Install Your Download Player WebOS

Once you have sourced your device you will need to install your Download Player. This can be done by our engineers, if required.. but it's very simple for yourself or your team to do.


After turning on your screen, choose the 'Quick Setup' option.

Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Logo

Configure the language, date and time.

Please note: The time must be configured correctly in order to download the application from the server. Time, Date and Time Zone.

Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Logo

Connect to the internet

Press the Settings button on the LG remote control to open the settings menu, navigate to the general tab and then navigate to the 'Network' option. Once in this menu, please connect your screen to an available WiFi. If using a wired connection, you can skip this step.

Please Note: The screen will require access to the internet to download the application and its content.

Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Network Page
Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Server SI Settings Hover

Server Settings

Once connected to the internet, open the settings menu as before. Navigate to the EZ Setting tab. Then to the 'SI Server Setting'.

Choose the 'SI Server Setting'

Choose SI Server Setting so we can begin filling out the application download settings.

Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Server SI Settings Hover
Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Server SI Settings Hover

Enter the details into the form.

  • Fully Qualified Domain Name: On
  • URL:
  • App Lauch mode: Local
  • App Type: IPK

Local Application Upgrade - Remote

After configuring the above settings. Choose the option for Local Application Upgrade - Remote.

Choose 'confirm' in the pop-up prompt to confirm that you want to overwrite the local application with the new application.

Download Player WebOS - LG WebOS Server SI Settings Hover
Download Player WebOS - LG Remote

Restart the application

After the application has finished installing. You will need to restart the Digital Signage screen. To do this, turn the screen off and back on again.

Await application startup

When the screen has restarted, the application should launch itself within 60 seconds. (Please note: This time is shorter after the application has been installed)

Download Player WebOS - Icon
Download Player WebOS - Install Code Page

Installation Page

You will then be presented with the registration screen. Using your remote and/or the virtual number-pad at the bottom of the screen, enter your installation code for the screen.

Confirm Details

Select enter, this will produce a notification and an address. At this stage, please confirm that the address matches with your registration details (i.e. Is the correct address for the store). If everything is correct, select enter again to confirm.

The player will start shortly after.

Download Player WebOS - Install Address Confirmation

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Our support team is available 24/7 for any questions.

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