How To: Upgrade your Windows Download Player Software

Upgrading your Download Player ensures that you have the very latest version of our software, complete with all of the latest features and any bug fixes, giving you the very best experience possible with your music system.

You can ensure that you have the latest version of the Download Player installed, by following the insuructions below to upgrade your Download Player(s).

If your Download Player is running in offline mode (i.e. you do not have your device connected to the internet), then we strongly reccommend that you look to install an internet connection, however you can download this upgrade on a different computer (that has an internet connection) and copy it on to the device that has the Download Player on it, via a CD or USB memory stick, in order to upgrade. For help getting your player online see our Troubleshooting Guide.

Step 1: Download the installer to upgrade your player

Select the link below and download the install package to your device.


Step 2: Run the upgrade installer package

On the device that your Download Player is running on, run this upgrader by double clicking it.

Follow the simple install wizzard and the upgrade will begin. The upgrade may take up to 20 minutes to run. During this time your music will stop playing.


Step 3: You're done

Once the upgrade completes, the new version of the player will automatically re-launch and your music will resume.

If you require any assistance, we can arrange to connect to your PCs remotely or talk you through the process in more detail, just contact us if you wwant any help.

Once happy with your location selection, press OK.