The Download Player Dashboard

The Download Player Dashboard is a section of this website, from where you can control and monitor the status of your Download Player(s). Fully optimised to run on your smartphone, tablet or PC, the Dashboard gives you the live status of all of your players and allows you to interact with them to make changes on the fly; including changing the scrolling text, digital signage and music playlist.

Access the Dashboard

In this section, the main functions of the Download Player Dashboard are described.


At all times you can navigate around the site using the top navigation bar as shown below.


Logging In

Using any PC, tablet or smartphone, open a new browser window and enter the following web address:

Enter your Username and password and select the Login button.

Note: Once subscribed to the Download Player service, you should receive an email containing your log in details. If you have not received these details or if you have forgotten your details, please contact us.

The Dashboard Screen

After logging in you'll be presented with a list of all of the player(s) that you are monitoring and have control over.

The Dashboard shows an overview of all of your players including:

  • Player - the name of your player and the location at which it is installed,
  • Zones - the number of zones the player is servicing,
  • Online - if your player is currently online (connected to the internet),
  • OS Platform - the Operating System that your player's device is running,
  • Software - the software version of the player that you have installed
  • Download - the download status of your latest music update,
  • Storage - the amount of storage space remaining on the device,
  • Uptime - when the player's device last rebooted.

From the Dashboard screen you can select the name of a player, to navigate to the Player Details page to interact and find out more about that player.


  • If you only have one player you may be taken straight to the player details page.
  • Your player requires internet access to receive its music updates, so if your player doesn't have access to the internet please attempt the Windows, Android or iOS troubleshooting guide to get back connected. If this does not resolve your connection issues, get in touch with your network provider or us to resolve as quickly as possible.

Player Details

The Player Details page allows you to:

  • see the status and details of the player,
  • access your licence key/install code,
  • download/install/upgrade your player software,
  • view the tracks playing in real-time,
  • change the playlist playing on your player,
  • view and listen to the music recently added to your music profile,
  • change on screen scrolling text *,
  • create and upload on screen Digital Signage * and
  • view your player service history.

* features only available on some products/subscriptions.